Locks History - Origin of Locks and Locksmithing

Over the last two hundred years, locksmiths, engenders and technicians have managed to transform locks from very expensive and unreliable protective devices into mass produced safeguarding devices that are commonly used by everyone. Learn more about locks and locksmiths here.

Old Door Locks

History of Locks

Locks are mechanical devices that control the position of the locking bolt, ensuring that only rightful owners control when someone can access their possessions. Here you can learn more about 4000 year long journey of locks trough history and their transformation from very exclusive and expensive status symbols to the mass produced devices that everyone is using.

Locks Parts

History of Locksmithing

The art of locksmithing went through several distinct phases over the last few thousand years, always growing and enabling creation of more durable, reliable and easy to manufacture locking mechanisms. Here you can learn more about this famous profession.

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